We are constantly sharing songs among the band, so we thought it would be fun to make some playlists that highlight some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Note: For Gerald’s playlist we made something special.
This entire playlist contains songs with Gerald playing bass.
You read that correctly…that’s Gerald playing bass on ALL OF THESE SONGS.

Congratulations to our beloved bass player Gerald Johnson on the release of his new record. We had the joy of celebrating at his release party last year at Edmonds Center for the Arts and performed some of the songs from the album.

Be sure to check out track 5 (All I Got), which features Sydney on vocals.

For all you fans of CD and Vinyl, stay tuned for availability later this spring.

Hey everyone, our good friend John Fromel, founder of the guitar amp & effects company Fromel Electronics, has been delving more into his photography skills recently, had has taken some photos at a few of our events this past year. We’ve shared a few of his photos and videos on our social pages and really enjoy his creative approach to everything he does.

John recently called to let me know that he was starting a new website called LightNotLight.com where he’d be sharing some of his photography work and asked if he could feature some of his photos taken of MSDS. We’re honored to be included on his page. Check out this link to see a some fantastic photos of the band and also some featured images of Gerald.

Oh and by the way…John also recorded a video of our live debut of our song “Demons” earlier this year at Edmonds Center for the Arts. Check it out here:

Well it’s been nearly 6 months already since this pandemic has dominated our lives. As many know, live music has come to a screeching stop around the world and it’s hard to know when things will return to what they once were. As a band, we had to postpone our March performance at Edmonds Center for the Arts. We are glad to share that the event has been rescheduled to April 16, 2021 and existing ticket sales will be honored (stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks). There is certainly a void out there right now without live music, but as a band, the thing we’ve missed most is just getting together and playing music in general.


Summers in the pacific northwest are incredible. For a brief window of time, the rain stops and we look around to once again realize that this place is absolutely beautiful. Music is vibrant all over and people love to take it all in before the clouds return. The summer of 2019 was another great one for MSDS and friends. As we reach for our warm coats and stocking hats once again, I felt it was worthwhile to reminisce a few highlights that Miss Sydney and The Downtown Saints had over the past few months:

Miss Sydney & The Downtown Saints at American Brewing Company

Linda Ronstadt performing in Germany back in 1976

Happy Birthday Linda Ronstadt! Born on July 15, 1946, Linda is one of the greatest voices in Rock & Roll. It’s no secret that Linda is a favorite of ours in Miss Sydney & The Downtown Saints, and for good reason – simply put, she did it right! So today on her birthday, we feel it necessary to celebrate with her by recognizing some of the things we appreciate about Linda Ronstadt. So in no particular order, here are 3 reasons to celebrate Linda Ronstadt today.


Gerald Johnson sharing stories about his career as a bass player on the Dreampath Podcast

It’s no secret that our beloved bass player in Miss Sydney and the Downtown Saints has had an incredible career in music. From starting in The Sweet Inspirations as an opening act for Elvis Presley in Las Vegas followed by a call in the early 70’s to join the Steve Miller Band, to recording an touring for over 50 years with the likes of Dave Mason, The Pointer Sisters, John Fogerty, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and so many more, it almost seems unreal that someone with this kind of resume would be part of our little band here in Edmonds, WA. But that’s the amazing thing about music.


At 75, Randy Bachman continues to carry the rock & roll torch

Growing up in the small border-town of Lynden, Washington, the concept of rock & roll bands was a bit foreign. Often times  the older kids in my neighborhood would be playing basketball or washing their Ford Mustangs while blasting cassette tapes of bands like The Beach Boys, The Cars, Joan Jett, and Van Halen over their car stereos. While these rock & roll bands provided great soundtracks to our neighborhood excitement, my view of them was more like fictional characters rather than actual human beings. This changed in elementary school when I found out that my classmates’ dad was in one of these “rock & roll bands”.