2020: Quarantine Life for a Band

Well it’s been nearly 6 months already since this pandemic has dominated our lives. As many know, live music has come to a screeching stop around the world and it’s hard to know when things will return to what they once were. As a band, we had to postpone our March performance at Edmonds Center for the Arts. We are glad to share that the event has been rescheduled to April 16, 2021 and existing ticket sales will be honored (stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks). There is certainly a void out there right now without live music, but as a band, the thing we’ve missed most is just getting together and playing music in general.

To keep the creative energy going, we’ve been doing a few collaborative projects remotely and even started to write some of our own material! Above is a song of ours that we all recorded individually and then compiled the parts together. The song is called “We Got Each Other”. It’s a fun way to collaborate, but we would trade it in a heartbeat to collaborate and record all in the same room.

You can see some of our other projects on our Facebook page under the playlist named “MSDS Quarantine Sessions“. We started out with a song Sydney wrote called “Demons”, which has an old Gospel/R&B feel. We also did an acoustic version of “Wouldn’t it Be Nice” by The Beach Boys and also a song called “Thirteen” by Big Star, an absolute gem of a band from Memphis led by Alex Chilton.

Hopefully we can share a few more things like this in the near future, but even better…we look forward to playing some live music for you soon!

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