MSDS featured on LightNotLight

Hey everyone, our good friend John Fromel, founder of the guitar amp & effects company Fromel Electronics, has been delving more into his photography skills recently, had has taken some photos at a few of our events this past year. We’ve shared a few of his photos and videos on our social pages and really enjoy his creative approach to everything he does.

John recently called to let me know that he was starting a new website called where he’d be sharing some of his photography work and asked if he could feature some of his photos taken of MSDS. We’re honored to be included on his page. Check out this link to see a some fantastic photos of the band and also some featured images of Gerald.

Oh and by the way…John also recorded a video of our live debut of our song “Demons” earlier this year at Edmonds Center for the Arts. Check it out here:

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